Until now, the need for appropriate radiation protection measures for urological procedures in the lithotomy position has not been of particular interest. However, a new study conducted by MAVIG has shown that the scattered radiation that comes out of the patient’s body leads to a high exposure for the doctor during urological procedures. It is now possible to protect yourself with the radiation protection screen OT81001!

  • Sharply reduced exposure to scattered radiation, especially to the eyes
  • A perfectly shaped radiation protection shield made of very transparent lead acrylic
  • Compatible with previously installed Portegra2 ceiling suspensions
  • Specially designed, sterile disposable cover for the lower third of the shield for a perfect fit and clear view
  • Can also be used in areas other than urology

Technical specifications:

  • Size: 28 × 42 cm
  • Pb: 0.50 mm
  • 50 sterile covers included
  • For more information see downloadable file

Article number:

  • OT81001 (Radiation protection shield including weight-adapted portegra 2 arm 75/91 cm and 50 sterile covers)
  • OT91001 (Radiation protection shield including weight-adapted portegra 2 arm 95/91 cm and 50 sterile covers)
  • STEA-OT6 (50 pcs sterile covers)


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